Citroen Xantia Tutorials, guides and how to repairs

The Xantia (Citroen Xantia)

Hopefully this will grow to become a comprehensive collection of Citroen Xantia guides, tutorials, information and, why not, picture showcase.

Until then, my main goal is to mirror some of the valuable guides and tutorials that the Citroen Xantia fans have made over the years, because this information is harded and harder to find. Since some people have invested a tremendous amount of work into these guides & tutorials for Citroen Xantia, I have considered it would be quite a loss for them to just disappear into the darkness of the web, forever.

Ok, so here we go with the mirrors:


This website was first available on, which no longer exists. At the time I'm writing this, it's still available at , but I didn't want to risk losing it.
Here you can find a collection of Citroen Xantia repair tutorials, very detailed, with pictures, part numbers and explanations. You can easily find out how to fix and replace most parts of your Citroen Xantia.


On this website you can find find, beside repair tutorials and how-to's, a nice collection of Citroen Xantia schematics. (hydraulic schemes, electrics and so on.

If the owners of the above websites consider that their content should not be mirrored, please send an email to and we will take down the mirror.